Department Of Biochemistry

Agam Diagnostics' biochemistry lab is a high-performing, fully equipped, automated area where important tests are carried out to assess the abnormalities of the proteins and haemoglobins.

Our Hi-tech Biochemistry Division

No diagnostic centre can function holistically without a biochemistry division. The clinical biochemistry department at Agam Diagnostics is the finest of its kind in the entire South Tamilnadu. The division functions in a new-generation laboratory featuring the latest equipment and the brightest clinicians and biochemists.
Our biochemistry department is where all esoteric tests are carried out to identify haemoglobin variants and HbA1c quantification. We also provide extensive biochemistry lab services to diagnose diseases and disorders that include diabetes, hypertension, thyroid issues, infertility, cystic fibrosis and meningitis.

High-Grade Equipment In Our Lab

We say we own the finest biochemistry lab in Madurai because it is primed with all the latest equipment the market has to offer.
VITROS® 4600 Dry Chemistry System
Our biochemical testing is done using the VITROS 4600 Dry Chemistry System, which is fully automated and extremely efficient; the two systems enable us to perform more than a thousand tests and process approximately 250 samples for more than a hundred parameters at any given time. The machine reduces the risk of errors, improves turn-around time, and reduces costs. It delivers a 96.5% first-pass yield without having to repeat the process. The VITROS 4600 Dry Chemistry System testing menu includes SARS COV-2, H.I.V., total antibody, immunosuppressive drugs, and B.R.A.H.M.S. Procalcitonin.
Siemens Dimension Xpand Plus Chemistry Analyser
The equipment enables chemistry, STAT, and special testing on a single, compact, easy-to-use Dimension platform. It improves workflow efficiency by enabling the integration of chemistry and immunoassays. With the Siemens Dimension Analyser, we can conduct a full-state disease profiling to gain quicker and more accurate results.
Blood Gas Analyser or ABG Machine
The Blood Gas Analyser enables our technicians to make mandatory assessments like analysing the acid-base status and ventilation status to check respiratory levels. The analyser measures pO2, pH, PCo2, and Hematocrit Lactate.
Tosoh Bioscience's HLC-723GX
Tosoh Bioscience's HLC-723GX is a wonder machine that helps make a quantitative analysis of HbA1c for diabetic patients. It plays a crucial role in tracking and predicting complications in the kidney, heart, eyes, and nerves. The machine takes a little more than a couple of minutes to deliver results.
We Deliver High-Precision Results
Our biochemical tests help to validate your health in the shortest period. Book your test today!
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