Health Checkup- A Wise Decision For Your Health
April 7, 2021
Agam Diagnostics Team
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Good Health: A priceless gift we give ourselves

Keeping a tab on our health is a gift we give ourselves and our loved ones. How hard can it be to have a general health checkup once or twice a year? One has absolutely nothing to lose by checking one's health status and taking necessary precautions. A complete health checkup carries more value than money saved in a bank or an investment in materialistic luxuries. It is an undebatable fact.

Not many of us realise the importance of good health or investing in keeping ourselves healthy until the doctor issues a warning. Thanks to the 21st-century lifestyle, the food we eat, and the mental stress we endure, good health has gone for a toss. Doctors are constantly warning us about the upward trend in early heart diseases and a slew of other health-related issues because of our lifestyle and food habits.

Economically-priced comprehensive health packages are available at every hospital and diagnostic centre. Doctors are encouraging people to have health checkups mainly for one reason- for the early detection of diseases. Early diagnosis of diseases like cancer, heart ailments, diabetes and hypertension can mean a world of a difference between early cure and a prolonged health battle.

Everything you need to know about a complete health checkup

So, what is this "full-body checkup" or "complete health checkup" that is the topic of discussion? As per the government's rules, all diagnostic tests must be carried out only in an accredited lab or hospital equipped to handle these processes. A complete health checkup comprises the following diagnostic tests:

  • General examination including the body weight, height, blood pressure and pulse rate.
  • Blood and urine tests- a complete hemogram to assess the vital parameters of the blood and detect the presence of underlying issues.
  • Complete lipid profile analysis to assess cardiovascular risks.
  • Liver function test to assess the functioning of the liver and diagnose liver diseases.
  • Assessment of postprandial blood glucose levels to confirm the presence or absence of diabetes.
  • Pancreatic profile to assess the functioning of the pancreas.
  • Vitamin profile to identify vitamin deficiencies.
  • Urine examination to diagnose systemic or metabolic diseases.
  • Mammogram to rule out issues related to the health of the breast.
  • Pap smear tests to diagnose the condition of the reproductive system in women.

Who is eligible for a complete health checkup?

Although 40 is considered the standard age to include complete health checkups as part of life, doctors recommend men start with it as early as 35. Suppose a family history of diabetes, coronary heart diseases, thyroid disorders, breast cancer, hypertension, prostate cancer, and colon cancer. In that case, it is wise to initiate screening tests as early as possible. After the age of 45, annual or bi-annual health checkup should become a mandatory routine.

Immeasurable benefits of a regular full-body checkup

Investing in a full-body checkup is one of the wisest decisions ever, and there are hardly any disadvantages to consider. Some of the most prominent benefits of a health checkup are:

  • Early detection of diseases

Subjecting the body to regular health tests means that the vital parameters are being assessed in quick succession. It greatly reduces the risk of chronic diseases and provides enough time to detect and treat any health issues in the early stages.

  • Highlights the importance of health awareness.

Regular tests highlight the body's physical status and give better insight into the healthy habits one must continue with for a lifetime. The same can be said about quitting bad habits such as smoking, alcohol intake and leading a sedentary lifestyle. Tests reports will reflect the food habits of a person. Excessive intake of sugary food and a high-calorie diet will be reflected in the blood tests. Knowing these parameters is vital to making lifelong decisions about discontinuing bad habits or starting afresh with good habits before it is too late.

  • Costs are reasonable.

A complete health package costs far less than what every single test can cost individually. Comprehensive test packages save you a lot of money and guide the person about the range of tests he/ she will need.

  • Helps to create health goals.

Tracking your health status helps to set realistic health goals for the entire family. The awareness of one's physical condition can be a reason to inspire, warn or boost other family members and friends to adopt a healthier lifestyle with regular exercises and sensible food habits.

  • Motivates you to do better.

Nothing can match the happiness and peace of mind you achieve when the test results reveal satisfactory results. It motivates you to stick to your healthy habits and teach the same in others.

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