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Unpeeling the mystery of genetics in South Tamil Nadu to help you take control of your health.

Two Strands Of Medical Genetics In Tamil Nadu

Medical genetics can help in determining the cause and inheritance of various genetic disorders. It also helps in accurate diagnosis and management. At Agam diagnostic centre, we take an investigative approach to medical care. By linking mutation to a genetic condition, we help in deciding which therapy serves you best.
Our medical genetic tests are personalised to the individual. It prevents the chance of predisposing them to a particular condition. Besides hereditary conditions, we are the best pathology lab in Madurai for immune disorders and infectious diseases.

The Agam Approach To Testing In South Tamil Nadu

The Agam approach to testing is always unique and precise. Take a look at our step by step approach to ensure that you get the best results every single time.
The first step of medical genetic testing is DNA extraction. We use a completely automated lab in Madurai for this. Our results are, therefore, consistent and reproducible.
The second step is DNA fragmentation. We are considered the best lab because we use expert, skilled and trained lab personnel to break or separate DNA strands into pieces.
The third step is library preparation. We ensure that the DNA (or RNA) sticks to the sequencing flow cells. This enables us to identify the sample accurately.
The fourth step in our medical genetics process is target capture. This a sensitive technique to sequence parts of the genome and achieve high throughput.
The next step in our process is polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification. We use it to analyse inheritable diseases or syndromes. It’s inexpensive and gives rapid results.
The last and final step of medical genetics testing at our pathology lab is sequencing and data analysis. We determine the order of the nucleotide bases in your DNA, i.e. A, T, C and G.

Our Array Of Genetic Tests In Madurai

Genetic testing helps in confirming a genetic condition diagnosis. With our accurate test results, finding the right course of treatment for the disease is possible.
Predictive testing is used to assess the probability of developing a condition with or without a family history. We offer these tests for few single-gene disorders, cancer, etc.
Pre-symptomatic testing helps discover if a person has the gene changes of disease prevalent in the family history. It helps catch the condition before symptoms occur.
Prenatal testing helps to diagnose any genetic disorder in babies while they are still growing in the womb. The testing helps make critical medical decisions.
Preimplantation studies are usually done after the IVF procedure. We check the embryo for genetic disorders before it’s implanted into a womb.
New-born babies are screened for certain genetic diseases at an early stage itself. By diagnosing them early, you can treat them in time.
Be Future-Ready
Medical genetic testing is the future of good health care in Tamil Nadu and beyond. Get in touch with us today to know more!
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