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We do accurate screening and diagnosis of all biological fluids at cost-effective prices.

Clinical Biochemistry: Diagnosing Your Health Parameters

A simple test of your blood and urine can shed light on crucial metrics such as lipids, proteins, enzymes, electrolytes, and metabolites. With these metrics in hand, doctors can accurately diagnose how your vital organs are performing. Agam Diagnostics operates with the objective of providing accurate biomedical parameters for every single test that comes our way.
Our comprehensive lab services include Blood Gas Analysis, Hemoglobin A1c tests, and esoteric testing to identify haemoglobin variants. We are staffed by expert clinicians, experienced phlebotomists, and lab technicians who excel in delivering precise results to find the right medical solution. Our diagnostic centre excels in providing a slew of diagnostic services to support domains like clinical toxicology, clinical chemistry, and therapeutic drug monitoring.

Collection Of Clinical Specimens

Agam Diagnostics enjoys a solid reputation as the best lab in Madurai. We are known for our strict compliance with procedural regulations. We follow a systematic process to collect, preserve and test blood specimens from patients. Our technicians are quick, nimble, adept, and have the experience to collect samples with minimum discomfort for the person.
Completing all preliminary procedures such as labelling the specimen container with the patient’s name, age and identification number.
Ascertaining if the patient has to fast before the sample is collected as in the case of testing for blood sugar levels.
Positioning the patient to sit or lie down comfortably, with the arm extended straight from the shoulder for an accurate drawing of blood.

Blood Gas Analysis Tests

Test Parameter pH, pCO2, pO2, Hct, Na, K, iCa, Cl, Li, HB, HCO3, TCO2, sbc, CSO2, BE, BE(ecf), AGap-Na, AGap-K
Sample Type Blood Serum/Plasma
Stabiliser Lithium Heparin
Volume Required 3ml
Pre-test Preparation No fasting required
Report Delivery Within few hours
4-8°C Stability 2hrs
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