Department Of Molecular Genetics

We evaluate malignancies and make risk assessments to diagnose familial cancer and neurological disorders.

Molecular Genetics Laboratory

Your genes play an immense role in your personal health. Awareness of the connection between genetics and health-related issues is the need of the hour. The Molecular Genetics Laboratory at Agam Diagnostics is one of our distinctive assets guided by board-certified lab directors who are doyens in the field of genetic testing.
We are in constant collaboration with expert lab technicians and genetic counsellors to improve our procedures to increase mutation detection rates and decrease turn-around time. Ours is one of the very few labs in Madurai that performs cytogenetic tests to detect neonatal disorders, congenital health problems, and chromosomal anomalies.

Equipment That Defines Our Molecular Genetics Lab

Our facility has all the apparatus and the paraphernalia required for molecular genetic testing and procedures.
QIAgility is an advanced setup that enables our technicians to make impressive progress in pathogen detection, genotyping, DNA methylation, and gene scanning. The fully automated system helps to handle rare variants with minimal errors. Its proprietary software completes the task in minimal time, and its robotic arm does the PCR preparation, thus making it safe for our technicians.
Rotor-Gene Q
The Rotor-Gene Q is a compact, benchtop RT thermocycler with four different rotors that can simultaneously process a hundred samples. It operates with proprietary software that is user-friendly and delivers quick results. The device is equipped with six excitation sources and six different filters to operate in a multiplex manner.
Detect Your Genetic Health Issues
Agam Diagnostics is the best pathology lab to help you evaluate and prevent genetic health issues in your family.
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