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We provide comprehensive diagnosis and analysis of blood samples to identify blood disorders of all types.

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Haematology tests help us understand how blood proteins and blood-producing organs can affect a person’s overall health. At Agam Diagnostics, we perform all the latest proven tests to evaluate conditions that include bleeding disorders, hypercoagulability disorders, anaemia, haemophilia, leukaemia, and blood-clotting disorders. Our high-precision haematology tests provide a reliable assessment of the person’s health condition, which is vital to proceed with the right treatment course.
Our comprehensive Hematology tests include Complete Blood Count Analysis (29 parameters), RBC Sedimentation Rate, and Blood Coagulation Tests. Our diagnostic centre conducts all crucial tests necessary to assess autoimmune diseases, tumours, rheumatoid arthritis, and temporal arteritis.

Our Sample Collection Process

Agam Diagnostics is endowed with the best lab technicians who handle patients of all ages with utmost care. The blood sample collection process is simple, quick, precise, and causes very minimal pain. Our technician will:
Disinfect the site with a swab of antiseptic.
Place a tourniquet or an elastic band above the site to make the vein swell with blood.
Gently insert a needle and draw the required amount of blood.
Remove the needle and the band.
Cover the area with a small bandage to arrest the bleeding.
Label the sample and send it for further investigation.


Blood, blood forming organs and diseases associated to it comes under hematology. We offer Complete Blood Count Analysis (29 parameters), Erythrocyte or RBC Sedimentation Rate (ESR) and Blood Coagulation Tests. This helps the clinician to check for the therapeutic response in disease like tumors, autoimmune disease, rheumatoid arthritis, temporal arteritis etc.,
Complete Blood Count
Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
Clot based Assay Test
Complete Blood Count
Parameter Abbreviation
White Blood Cell Count WBC
Number of Neutrophils Neu#
Number of Lymphocytes Lym#
Number of Monocytes Mon#
Number of Eosinophils Eos#
Number of Basophils Bas#
Number of Abnormal Lymphocytes AL#
Number of Immature Granulocytes IG#
Percentage of Neutrophils Neu%
Percentage of Lymphocytes Lym%
Percentage of Monocytes Mon%
Percentage of Eosinophils Eos%
Percentage of Basophils Bas%
Percentage of Abnormal Lymphocytes AL%
Percentage of Immature Granulocytes IG%
Red Blood Cell Count RBC
Hemoglobin Concentration HGB
Hematocrit HCT
Mean Capsular Volume MCV
Mean Capsular Hemoglobin MCH
Mean Capsular Hemoglobin Concentration MCHC
Red Blood Cell Distribution Width- Coefficient of Variation RDW-CV
Platelet Count PLT
Mean Platelet Volume MPV
Platelet Distribution Width PDW
Plateletcrit PCT
Platelet-Large Cell Count P-LCC
Platelet-Large Cell Ratio P-LCR
Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
Service Detail Specification
Sample Type Whole Blood
Stabilizer EDTA
Volume Required 3ml
Pre-test Preparation No Fasting Required
Report Delivery Within few hours
Clot based Assay Test
Service Detail Specification
Test Parameter Prothrombin Time (PT), Activated Partial Thromboplastin (APTT), Thrombin Time (TT), Fibrinogen, Protein C, Protein S and FACTORS
Sample Type Whole Blood
Stabilizer Sodium Citrate
Volume Required 3ml
Pre-test Preparation No Fasting Required
Report Delivery Within few hours
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We are well-known for our ability to deliver quick, reliable, flawless, and cost-effective tests for all blood-related disorders and conditions.
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