Health Profile Packages

Check the vitals of your important organs and take informed actions to achieve your health goals.

Profile Tests For Overall Health

Another crucial part of our extensive diagnostic tests is our health profile packages. It is an essential screening to identify the functioning and condition of each vital organ in the body. Our health profile packages are available for every age.

Health Profile Tests We Offer

Diabetic Profile
It is the most useful test for diabetic patients to evaluate the blood glucose level in the body. We recommend all diabetic patients have the diabetic profile test.
Lipid Profile
The lipid panel test measures the amount of cholesterol, fat, and triglycerides transported into the blood through the lipoprotein.
Renal Profile
Diagnoses your kidney-related dysfunctions and helps to monitor the functioning of both kidneys. The renal profile test is a must if you have diabetes or hypertension.
Liver Profile
Examines the health of your liver by measuring the level of bilirubin, enzymes, and proteins. The liver profile test also assesses the damage to the liver due to diseases and medication.
Bone Profile
Analyses the strength and condition of the bones and measures the proteins, minerals, and enzymes to determine the effect of the body's metabolism on your bones.
Pancreas Profile
The pancreas profile test measures vitals like the level of amylase and lipase to determine the cause of issues in the pancreas and to monitor its functioning capacity.
Thyroid Profile
It is a crucial test to check hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism-the two thyroid problems wherein the gland produces too little or too much thyroid.
Vitamin Profile
Assesses the levels and the exact percentage of all the important vitamins in the body to determine if they are excess or deficient.
Fertility Profile
The fertility profile test is recommended for both men and women to clarify fertility issues and determine the health of their reproductive organs.
Kids Profile
Our kids' profile test helps you keep track of your children's health by assessing basic biochemical parameters on a routine basis.
Infertility Profile
Measures the hormones produced by the hypothalamus, thyroid, and pituitary glands to determine the causes for fertility issues.

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